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King’s College & Evensong

We had already planned to attend the Evensong service at King’s College Chapel, which on this date was featuring the combined choirs of King’s and St. John’s colleges, which sounded pretty cool to us. It turned out it sounded cool to the BBC as well, as they would be recording it for broadcast (available for streaming — even in North America — with their iPlayer here until August 7th). The grand scale of the event meant that we had to queue up ahead of time; the day being pleasant, this was no hardship, and we had a nice chat with the people near us in line, from Quebec and Utrecht, respectively. The service was wonderful, with the music (lots of Herbert Howells, who’s rather like Vaughan Williams) filling the huge space.

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Cambridge: St John’s & Trinity colleges

We visited during one of Cambridge University’s annual “open days” when aspiring students can visit the various colleges at the university to see where they might want to live if they are admitted. Clara has actually been keen on attending college in England, so we happily went on a guided tour of one of the colleges, and got to explore several others. We saw lots of breathtaking architecture and landscaping from a range of centuries. Although Clara fell in love with the campuses she saw, she also learned that students not only have to know their indended field of study before applying, but are expected to take classes exclusively from within that field, which was less appealing to her than the more flexible American system.

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We arrived in Ely a little later than we had hoped, but were able with catlike tread to join the small congregation in the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely for Evensong. Only the girls’ choir was present, yet their young voices filled the immense space with hope and beauty. The light from the setting sun entered the lantern through stained glass hidden from us; then, thus colored, it lit the inside of the windows we could see, as well as the surrounding stone. I didn’t capture the image well:

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