Happy New Year to all from the Mueller-Harders!

This has been a year of many joys for us; here are some of the highlights:

Our newest family member, Clara Jean, was born on October 28th, and has brought us much happiness. She's very cheerful and easy-going, with a dimpled smile she's started flashing at everyone who talks to her. Having started life at 8 pounds, 12 ounces, she's continued to grow with enthusiasm, and is now about 12 pounds and is outgrowing her newborn clothes.

Clara at one week1

Timothy, almost 4 years old, is enjoying his new role as big brother, helping out in all sorts of ways. He is very interested in reading (he recognizes quite a lot of words already), astronomy, music, artistic projects, and science experiments, and continues to love meeting people and holding extensive conversations with adults. Timothy has been going to preschool a few days a week all year, and enjoys it greatly.

Timothy, counting2

Karen finished her certificate in American Sign Language-English interpreting at Northeastern University in June, after 6 years of part-time study. She has done a few small interpreting assignments since then, but needs a bit more experience before actually starting to work professionally in the field. She is still (13 years now!) working at the Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning at MIT, where she was promoted to Circulation Supervisor in January of 2000. Karen returns to work on January 8th; but we’re happy she'll have to go in only three days each week and will be able to do the rest of her work from home.

Karen, graduating3

Erik has continued to relish being self-employed, focusing this year on the development of Praxis News Digest, a website where people can go to find the latest news and newly-released books in their subjects of interest. Working at home has allowed him to have more time with the family than he would have otherwise, well worth the trade-off of the occasional cat on the keyboard.

Erik & Timothy, working4

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We wish you all the best for the new year!

  1. Clara at one week 

  2. Timothy, counting 

  3. Karen, graduating 

  4. Erik & Timothy, working