We met up with our old friend Steve and his wife Carol in Edinburgh for a great Middle-eastern dinner, followed by a lovely walk around the city.


We were walking in Edinburgh during that perfect “golden hour” when the sun is almost at right angles to the buildings and the sky is becoming dark. It was particularly comfortable walking through the Old Town because of its historic and current “mixed use” — students and others living in flats right above stores and little museums.

Outside the Writers’ Museum, I was tickled to find a plaque for Naomi Mitchison (see the photo below).

And at least one of us was thrilled to discover a sweetshop by the name of Honeydukes, though less thrilled to see that it had closed some time previously.

Just as interesting as all of this, was getting to catch up with Steve and to hear that he’s pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh, with a thesis investigating the correlation — and perhaps causation — of the loss of cases in nouns, pronouns, and adjectives in most Indo-European languages.