Then we drove up alongside the Lakes District, with wonderful views of endless fields dotted with sheep, surrounded by miles and miles of perfectly straight stone walls. Occasional stone houses both modest and grand appeared at intervals, with no fanfare: most were probably at least a couple of centuries old, but that’s no big deal here, of course. Late in the evening, we arrived at our next Aibnb, just south of Edinburgh, with a hostess who’s very active in her local community theater, and we stayed up too late talking about theater, American pop music, and various other things.


Of all the many compromises we had to make in order to get to Scotland at all, the next few hours’ bombing north from the Peak District to the outskirts of Edinburgh was the harshest. Here are some hasty views from out the car window and of the rather interesting architecture at the rest stop.


Surely our pasture will look this good someday…

“The party tree”?

Service station or 1950s Czech border control?