This morning, we bade goodbye to Chris and Sue, and headed off towards Ely, near Cambridge, without Erik’s bag having turned up. We drove through Stamford (a really neat town of old stone buildings), and stopped for pizza on the piazza in Peterborough, a few feet from the 15th Century St John the Baptist:

and the 1671 Peterborough guildhall:

We visited the Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew, where we saw the grave of Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII’s first wife & daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand), and lots of other cool historical artifacts.


Parking the car

After lunch in Peterborough, we needed to re-park the car. Leaving the others to continue investigating the city, I found the hired car and bravely set out alone in the diesel stick-shift — driving on the left — to find another place to park. Our GPS/satnav has been working tolerably well, so finding a carpark wasn’t that difficult. Backing the upgraded (i.e., larger) hired car into a minuscule space was considerably more so. Then came payment, an automated “pay and display” arrangement that in this case assumed I had £2.30 in loose change. I had no such thing. There was a curious (but quite official-looking) “text this number” sign which promised that I would be able to set up a credit- or debit-card charge, but after many minutes of fussing with it I was no further along towards proper carpark payment. Finally, the attendent kindly suggested that I simply leave the car for a few minutes and buy something inexpensive at the WHSmith, giving me change for the machine. Of course, that’s exactly what I did. This had all taken rather longer than expected, so the family was beginning to worry a bit; reunited, we began our exploration of the basically 12th Century Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew.

No photos of the inside of the cathedral allowed, sadly; we’ll post some of the outside soon, but here are some of both at Google images.