We arrived in Ely a little later than we had hoped, but were able with catlike tread to join the small congregation in the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely for Evensong. Only the girls’ choir was present, yet their young voices filled the immense space with hope and beauty. The light from the setting sun entered the lantern through stained glass hidden from us; then, thus colored, it lit the inside of the windows we could see, as well as the surrounding stone. I didn’t capture the image well:

Fortunately, more images are forthcoming!

After supper at a gastropub in town, we went to the nearby marina on the River Ouse, where we slept on a narrowboat....


We drove to Ely just in time to attend the Evensong service at the cathedral, with the girls’ choir — both the music and the building were perfectly beautiful! We were able to look around for a short time afterwards, at the three quite different ceilings, and the enormous Lady Chapel.

After walking around the town and finding some pleasant dinner, we proceeded to our evening lodgings: the narrowboat of our friends Louise and David, who very kindly offered it for use while they were away. We were very tickled to have this unusual opportunity! The day having been so hot, it took a little while for the boat to cool off after we opened all the doors and windows, so we spent some time enjoying the ducks, geese, and swans on the river, and met Mike, who lives on the next boat up the river.