Unfortunately, the sounds of the revelers leaving the bars and late-night eateries in the area kept waking us up in spite of our weariness from the plane journey, so we didn’t feel as rested in the morning as we’d hoped we would.

Nonetheless, we gathered our things and set forth for the train to the airport (our first of many train journeys in Europe!) for our short flight from Brussels to England. Although we arrived early at the airport, the airport displayed incorrect information about where we were meant to check in for our flight, so ended up running down the terminal trying to get to our gate on time.

Fortunately, we caught the flight; unfortunately, Erik's checked bag didn’t turn up in England.

We picked up our rental car, and drove to the home of our friends Sue and Chris in the charming village of Quorn, with Erik coping with driving on the left side of the road with comparative aplomb. They are letting us stay at their house while they’re in the U.S., and we were able to have a little overlap with them before they go. They served us wonderful homemade soup and local cheese for lunch, then we went off to explore the nearby small city of Leicester.

— Karen